The perfect
fund-raising solution
for your church, ministry, private school or non-profit!
United Games is launching the world's first interactive sports app in October 2016
Beginning with the NFL and Major League Soccer
Other major sports added as the seasons arrive
Designed by Mark Mongie, creative developer of Madden Football and other EASports best-sellers
Your non-profit organization can become an affiliate:
no cost to you--ever!
no product to stock or sell!
no collecting money!
no quotas!
no headaches!
year-round fund-raising on auto-pilot!

~ Just tell people about the app they can download and play for free!
~ (include a special code on your website, emails, newsletters and business cards)
~ Whenever they play, or their friends play, your organization earns money for your projects!

It's easy to get started!
1. Download the PDFs below to learn more
2. Submit the information requested on the form
3. Further questions?
4. Or contact Rocky Henriques at the number shown at the bottom of the  PDF

See a demonstration of how the app will work here
email me
Rocky and Sharon Henriques are independent affiliates of United Games